In this stylish recreation of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel, the essential elements are given a refreshing twist as conman Roland Connor sets out to destroy his enemy by using his fiancie, Rachel Sommerville.

Roland lures Rachel into believing she deserves some fun before settlling down. Having to sneak out under her strict aunts nose adds a touch of danger to their trysts. But once her nocturnal escapades are discovered, Rachel is locked in her room.

Determined to find a way to bring Roland to her, she throws down a rope with her favorite stuffed rabbit (a hare) on the end for Roland to climb. Meanwhile, he is having reservations about his ruthless scheme because hes fallen in love with Rachel. Is there some way out of the coil they are tangled within, or will he need a little magic and a lot of luck to win his princess?

Add a string of Jack the Ripper-style murders terrorizing the city, past secrets and just enough of the fairy tale element and you have a perfectly delightful, highly satisfying romance. Its a real pleasure to watch Ms. Jones find a new way to twist an old tale around and make it vibrant for todays adult audience. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin