Lindsey returns to the Regency and delivers a romance filled with her trademark humor, sensuality and emotional intensity. Like the beloved Malory series, this novel’s love story is dominant, but the plot is also built on the foundation of a marvelous family and the delicious unpredictability of love. Lindsey knows what readers want and makes us believe in love.

Her family considers Lady Amanda Locke a desperate debutante, because it’s her third season and she hasn’t captured a groom. Amanda finds it difficult to believe love will find her — until she encounters Devin Baldwin, aka Cupid, the ton’s most unusual matchmaker. Devin uses his knowledge of horse breeding to bring couples together, and he matches Amanda with his horse-crazy friend. However handsome Devin might be, Amanda despises his bluntness. As she learns to ride, she discovers the vulnerable man beneath the arrogance. Will the love they find survive Devin’s past? (GALLERY, Jun. 440 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin