Image of Let Me Be The One (The Sullivans)


Image of Let Me Be The One (The Sullivans)

Andre knocks another book out of the park. The two lead characters in this story are interesting in that they haven’t seen each other in years, but each has the feeling that the other is The One. The family dynamic is so strong that readers instantly look forward to the next member to get a HEA. The Sullivans series gets better with each book — but this reviewer is bummed that there are only two more siblings left in the family!

Sculptor Vicki Bennett is thrilled to be up for an art fellowship in San Francisco, her hometown. During a business dinner, one of the judges gets her alone and starts to make a move, so Vicki calls her high school friend, professional baseball pitcher Ryan Sullivan, to help. Ryan comes running when he receives a cryptic text from Vicki. When he arrives at the restaurant, he finds Vicki in a room alone with a man who clearly wants to get to know her better. Vicki spots Ryan and pretends he’s her boyfriend, hoping to get the judge to back off. After a fake engagement, a steamy night of passion and a friendship on the line, will Vicki and Ryan hit a love home run or strike out? (MIRA, Jan., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson