Returning to Piggville, Texas, fulfills Ben Wolfe's plan of revenge against the Pigg family. He is going to run Cecilia Pigg out of town just the way his family was run out when his reverend father was accused of having affairs with three women. He plans to force the Pigg General Store out of business, own the big Pigg mansion and the Pigg boarding house. What Ben doesn't count on is how very pretty Celia has become and the fact that he wants her desperately.

When Ben saves Celia's life she becomes more susceptible to his scheme. He ruins her financially, and ruins her reputation and yet she stands for him up against the town when they make him responsible for his father's "sins."

Ben begins to have misgivings. Celia's kisses are sweeter than any other woman's and she can't fight her attraction to Ben even though he's done everything to destroy her family. Her twin sisters' matchmaking, misunderstanding, pride, forgiveness, compassion and love all conspire to bring them together to bury an old vendetta.

Ben learns the truth about the fine line between love and hate when he is caught in his own trap. There is humor, rage, vengeance, but most of all love within the pages of this utterly charming, warm tale. Congratulations Ms. Jones; this one's a winner! SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner