Image of Let the Night Begin


Image of Let the Night Begin

The latest installment in the Brotherhood of the Blood series fascinates, titillates and thrills readers seeking an out-of-the-ordinary vampire tale. With its
suspense, surprising and unexpected plot twists and a passionate love story, you'll be up all night devouring Smith's smart and fascinating story.

Thirty years ago Olivia Gavin fell in love with Reign. But the night he turned her into a vampire was the last night she spent with him. Now she needs his help to save her nephew, James, who's been kidnapped.

The ransom is Reign. Olivia locates him in London and discovers their passion is still white hot. Their investigation leads to the discovery of a secret organization, the Order of the Palms, dedicated to using the power of the Blood Grail, originally captured by the Templars, to take over the world. They have already captured the most powerful vampire in the Brotherhood, Temple, and indirectly drawn Reign's friend Saint into trouble. Reign must find a way to save James, destroy the order and protect Olivia. (Avon, Jul., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin