Olivia Saint James lets nothing get in her way once she's made up her mind -- even after death, in this case. Her grandson Malcolm and his ex-wife, Serena, were childhood sweethearts who married young. But love, friendship and caring stopped at the church door and left these lovers miserable and heartbroken. Now, 10 years later, Malcolm's grandmother has passed, and her lawyer contacts Serena to be at the reading of the will. Although she's shocked and surprised, she loved Malcolm's grandmother, so she'll be there.

It's here that the story, already captivating, enlightens readers on how these two fell in love and what major changes in their lives are about to occur. Indeed, Malcolm and Serena each have an inheritance, but it comes with a stiff stipulation: reside together in Olivia's family home for two months.

Run to the bookstore and pick up this delightful read. This reunion story is touching, warm, sensuous and, at times, sad. But just try to put Bryant's book down. (Dec., 256 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor