Let's Misbehave is a romp through 1920s England that is sure to delight.
Summers has crafted characters who are engaging in their depth. As Gabrielle
navigates the changing world of the 1920s, she confronts the repercussions
of her sexual reputation, struggles against the confines of "modern"
womanhood and searches to fill the fear and sadness left by the first World
War. However, Gabrielle is not the only character who makes a meaningful
journey. Mourning his older brother, Sebastian also wrestles with the guilt
and frustration of others' expectations. But perhaps the most intriguing
character is that of Sebastian's fiancé, Lily, who explores what it means
to be a proper young lady and still take advantage of the world¹s
opportunities. At only 80 pages, this novella never seems rushed or forced.
Instead the story conveys a depth of feeling that is not reached by many
novels triple its size. Brava, Summers! Let's Misbehave is a story that will
resonate with readers who recognize emotional parallels between today's
world and that of the 1920s.

Gabrielle has transformed herself from a down-on-her-luck noble lady to a sexy singer in high demand at local speakeasies. Despite her modern ways, she can¹t deny the attraction of the buttoned-up Lord Sebastian. When she entices him into one last walk on the wild side a no-strings fling before he marries debutante Lily Gabrielle doesn¹t count on getting swept away by love. But with their hearts on the line, can Gabrielle and Sebastian walk away from each other for good? (The Wild Rose Press, June, dl. $3.00)


*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Gerard