Sprinkled with fabulous historical detail of the WWII era and true-to-life characters, Letters From Home is a beautifully told story. The characters are well developed and the motivations for their actions and misunderstandings are clearly shown. The tale is emotionally moving and the end is heartwarming. This is a tough book to put down!

The night before Morgan McClain ships off to war, he meets the woman of his dreams. But Liz Stephens steps away for a moment and returns to see Morgan dancing with her roommate, Betty. Liz leaves without a word, not knowing that Morgan only danced with Betty to save her from a harassing sailor. The next day Betty, having no idea of Liz’s interest, begs Liz to write to Morgan for her. Betty promised to write out of gratitude for his chivalry. Liz reluctantly agrees, never admitting her true feelings for Morgan. When Morgan responds, Liz immerses herself in a yearlong romantic correspondence. (KENSINGTON, Mar., 357 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett