Image of Letting Go (The Surrender Trilogy)


Image of Letting Go (The Surrender Trilogy)

Banks presents another trio of friends, this time female, in various stages of relationships. It’s a tricky balance because the first one up is the widow of her hero’s best friend. One drawback is the dialogue, which is a bit repetitive. Fortunately, the author makes up for it by presenting smoking-hot love scenes.

After three years of mourning her husband, Carson, Joss is finally ready to move on and explore a new relationship. She has long desired to be the bottom in a D/s relationship, but because of abuse in her late husband’s past, she loved him too much to ask for it. When his business partner, Dash (a Dom), discovers her desire, he sees his chance to make her his sub and forever partner. Not wanting to betray his friend, Dash never acted on the fact that he has been in love with Joss from the start. Until now. Things go well between them initially, but dreams that Joss is having about Carson and a subsequent misunderstanding become the hurdle they must overcome. (BERKLEY, Feb., 352 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins