Echols’ foray into the paranormal new adult genre is good fun. Her worldbuilding is well done, and readers will enjoy the Vegas setting. The pace is a bit slow, and readers may just want to get on with the show already, but overall, you’ll enjoy this one.

Years ago, Holly Starr’s crush, Elijah Brown, asked her to the prom. A thrilled Holly went home to tell her famous magician parents who, weirdly, flipped out. That night, Holly had a strange incident, where she levitated furniture, among other things. Her parents told her it was because she had a terrible disease, MAD — one she must take medication for. Holly is now grown, assisting in her parents’ magic act and aching to get out on her own. She runs into Elijah, who’s soon losing it because, suddenly, his medication — for the very same illness — has run out. Holly and Elijah are about to see behind the curtain and discover some difficult truths about their parents, their illness and each other. Can they handle it all as they help in the battle brewing for Las Vegas? (POCKET STAR, dl $5.99, ISBN: 9781476728049, E, 16 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno