Image of The Libertine (The Taskill Witches)


Image of The Libertine (The Taskill Witches)

The road to Lennox and Chloris’ happily ever after is a bumpy one with some wrong turns, but the result is worth the trip. The Scottish setting provides a mystical atmosphere that draws the reader into the story, and titillating love scenes add plenty of excitement.

Lennox Taskill is the leader of a small coven that lives in constant fear of Tamhas Keavey, a powerful landowner and town council member. When Chloris Keavey comes to Lennox for a remedy for her inability to conceive, she falls under his spell and they begin a clandestine relationship. Then, Tamhas conspires against Lennox by branding him a witch and also attempts to claim Chloris for his bed. Chloris and Lennox’s house of cards tumbles, and a real witch hunt begins. (HQN, Feb., 384 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown