Escaping her domineering father's plans for her marriage, Olivia Vanderhoff arrives in Idaho Territory with a new identity. Six years later her father sends private detective Remington Walker to find her. Remington has his own reasons for taking the job: to ruin Vanderhoff.

Trouble has found its way to Libby's land. Her wool went up in flames and she believes her neighbor, Bevins, is behind the problem. When she spies a stranger on her property, she takes out her shotgun and shoots the trespasser.

As Remington recovers, he and Libby fall in love. But before long Libby's father arrives and is determined to auction his daughter off. Mr. Vanderhoof drives a wedge between Remington and Libby and even resorts to having Remington "killed," but nothing will stop Remington from reappearing to rescue Libby.

LIBERTY BLUE is a touching and tender story filled with "warm fuzzy" feelings. It's a slice of delightful Americana romance as only Robin Lee Hatcher could create. Readers yearning for a sweet, feel good story will adore Ms. Hatcher's debut SENSUAL (Oct., 304pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager