Image of The Libra Affair


Image of The Libra Affair

Debut author Daco weaves a convoluted spy game, rather like a Jason Bourne movie — only instead of the usual male secret agent, we get Jordan Jakes. And she is more than capable of rocking your world. The story is not necessarily a traditional romance, with feelings being demonstrated more by their actions in very difficult situations instead of in the bedroom, but it’s apparent that Jordan and Ben love each other a great deal. What the story may lack in romance is made up for with gritty intensity and plenty of international espionage.

Ben, a scientist working with NASA, can’t believe it when Jordan, his girlfriend of one year, suddenly breaks up with him and disappears without a trace. He asks an ex-girlfriend who works with Homeland Security for help, and they manage to track Jordan to the airport, where he discovers she has adopted an alias and boarded a flight to Iran. That same contact helps Ben obtain a visa and he follows Jordan‘s trail, not knowing at all what to expect. When events go haywire, it’s up to Jordan to complete her mission and get them both to safety. (CRIMSONROMANCE.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty