Image of Lie to Me


Image of Lie to Me

In her debut novel, Ambrose pens a steamy romance with enough suspense to keep the pages turning. But a sense of unreality dampens the charm of the plot. The characters prove to have several dimensions but only one focal point -- sex. Though a murder has occurred and the air of suspense pulses through the novel, it sometimes seems that hormones take precedence over more serious matters.

While investigating her best friend Janet's murder, Eleanor Coggins breaks into the Westfield mansion. Banner Westfield was Janet's husband, and he's Eleanor's chief suspect. She's caught by Banner's half-brother, Jack Payton, who's in the midst of his own investigation when she arrives, ungracefully, through the window.

When they're caught off-guard by Banner, they assume an erotic stance to make it appear as if they snuck out of the ongoing party to fool around. Their ploy results in Jack and Eleanor's surprise engagement and a joint effort to discover the truth. Will their engagement of convenience turn into the real deal? (POCKET, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Autumn Harrison