Image of Lie with Me (Shadow Force Series, Book 1)


Image of Lie with Me (Shadow Force Series, Book 1)

The first book in Tyler’s Shadow Force series, Lie With Me hits the mark. Tyler constructs seemingly flawless romantic suspense plots rife with danger, intrigue, complicated heroes and strong heroines. It’s the perfect weekend getaway read.

Cameron Moore has been beholden to someone most of his life. Raised by his dad, undercover in a motorcycle gang, he didn’t have a traditional upbringing. Framed for murder and sent to prison, he was rescued by Gabriel Creighton — his savior and his nemesis. From that moment on, Cameron was under Gabriel’s thumb, but now he’s done with that. After evading Gabriel’s men Cameron decides to kidnap the man’s daughter and use her as a bargaining chip. Skylar Slavin has lived under an assumed name all her life, but someone knows she is Gabriel Creighton’s daughter. Threatening messages and a break-in at her home have her hiding out in a cabin where she hopes to finish writing her novel. When Cameron arrives knowing exactly who she is, Skylar doesn’t trust him — until he saves her from a group of gunmen. On the run, Skylar falls in love with Cameron, but then she learns the secret he’s keeping from her. (DELL, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton