A strong premise, several surprising plot twists and the frequent use of heroine Maya’s first-person POV lend interest to this story. But the reader eventually begins to wonder what could possibly happen to Maya next!

As teenagers, Maya and Rebecca Ward witnessed their parents’ murder, and the experience affected them in very different ways. Both are doctors, but Maya, wary and reserved, became a pediatric orthopedist, and has sought security in marriage to Adam. Rebecca, always a free spirit, works with a global disaster relief organization — and doesn’t see a relationship or children in her future. Called to action after a hurricane, Rebecca is joined by Adam and Maya, when tragedy strikes. Accompanying a young patient out of the storm-devastated area, Maya is lost in a helicopter crash. In reality, she’s stranded in a remote area, but Adam and Rebecca have no way of knowing that. Dealing with their grief changes things forever. (MIRA, Jun., 368 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer