In this sequel to Life Support, Baxter Richardson remains in a coma after being pushed off a cliff by his wife, Rena. Her efforts to have his life support cut off have failed, and she worries that Baxter will awaken and expose her murder attempt. Psychologically unstable and desperate, she plans to milk the Richardson family for as much money as she can, divorce Baxter and disappear.

Rena's lawyer, Alexia Lindale, still believes Rena's lies about the night her husband fell. Alex has found the Lord through a gifted music minister, and together they offer regular music therapy to the comatose Baxter. Bit by encouraging bit, the music seems to be restoring Baxter. But Baxter's wealthy family has even more to hide than Rena, and Alex may lose her life before Baxter finds life everlasting.

Whitlow's plotting, while meticulous, sometimes drags, and the denouement, which occurs in the last few pages, seems too sudden in contrast. Nevertheless, this is a book that will satisfy fans of detailed and multifaceted legal intrigue.(Oct., 400 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel