Image of This Life Isn't Perfect Holla (Indigo)


Image of This Life Isn't Perfect Holla (Indigo)

In her debut, Foy finds that "wow" factor that makes readers herald a writer's work. First-person point of view and active dialogue grant readers intimate access to whimsical, poignant and soul-searching moments that unveil a cascade of romance and duplicity. Foy is assuredly an astounding new voice in women's fiction.

Kimberly is aggravated that her husband is still clinging to his mother like a nursing infant, and her troubles snowball when a report for a client mysteriously fails to reach its destination.

She gets fired, spirals into depression, loses her children to her estranged husband and discovers the missing file is a federal case. But she rebounds and becomes adamant about clearing her name. The courage and support of family and friends are crucial to her success; their lives depend on it. (Genesis/indigo, Nov., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton