In Maxwell's latest release, Emily Williams makes her fifth appearance with friends Dru, Holly, Devon and hottie boyfriend Fang.

About to graduate from high school, Em's got more than just what she'll wear under her graduation robe on her mind. She has to deal with her father's midlife crisis name change and her mother's nude painting. She also has a senior trip, a college visit and a graduation trip with Fang to look forward to. Em muddles through, sending lively e-mails to friends and family all the while.

The book touches briefly on family troubles when Holly runs away for a few days, but for the most part it's lively and fun and should appeal to teens of all ages. She gives readers a peek into the life of a college-bound teen and makes it both funny and satisfying.

It's hard not to like Emily's engaging personality and sense of humor, and it's hard not to sympathize and laugh when her life gets a little crazy (like when she's accused of giving her graduation speech drunk). Em's friends are zany and interesting—a perfect fit for Em's character—and structuring the book completely in e-mail form works very well. (Jun., 208 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay