Image of A Life Rebuilt


Image of A Life Rebuilt
A LIFE REBUILT (4) by Jean Brashear: After a neighborhood gang member robs a house that Jenna MacAllister’s nonprofit is building for a needy family, Jenna finds herself working with the man who saved her, Roman Gallardo, a former Army Special Forces soldier who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. When the gang member returns to assault Jenna again, Roman once again saves her and is the only one who can draw her out of her shell and get her to feel safe again. At the same time, Roman’s attraction to Jenna makes him want to get help for his PTSD so he can live a normal life once again. Brashear paints a realistic depiction of an ailment that's all too common in America today in her nicely written, heartwarming tale featuring well-drawn characters.
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Alexandra Kay