Since the death of her younger brother from the rare genetic Stier-Zellar's disease, Daisy Hubbard has been determined to discover a cure. Working as a researcher at a prestigious Boston medical school, she has the opportunity to follow her dream. But her research is interrupted when Daisy learns that her mentally unstable sister Anna has gone missing in Los Angeles.

Upon arriving in L.A., Daisy contacts police detective Jack Makowski, who is looking into her sister's disappearance. Jack suspects that it's connected to several other missing-persons cases. Has Anna become the victim of a serial killer?

When the suspected killer, Roy Gaines, is caught, he agrees to take Jack and Daisy to the site where he claims to have buried Anna, but only if he is allowed to talk to Daisy. They comply, but the body in the grave is not Anna's. Now Jack and Daisy must sort out the truth behind the twisted game Roy is playing.

Are genes destiny? This is the dark and troubling question that hangs over this creepy and intense thriller. With each new book, the extraordinary Blanchard continues to make her mark on the suspense genre. (Aug., 400 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith