Hot author Tess Gerritsen takes readers on another thrilling and chilling ride into the world of medical suspense. This is one sensational and scary reading experience!

It had been a quiet night in Springer Hospital's ER, a blessing for Dr. Toby Harper. Then the police bring in a naked, disoriented elderly man named Harry Slotkin. Unable to find a reason for Harry's behavior, she orders more tests, but when Toby is called to an emergency, Harry disappears.

Toby's suspicions are further roused when a second elderly man with similar symptoms comes in from Brant Hill, the same residential care facility. Then Brant Hill's Dr. Carl Wallenberg tells Toby to stay away from his patients, but when Angus Parmenter dies, she insists on an autopsy.

During the exam, Medical Examiner Daniel Dvorak learns Mr. Parmenter suffered from Creutzfeldz-Jakob Disease, a fatal brain disorder. Horrified, Daniel knows he accidentally exposed himself to the disease and has put his life in jeopardy. How did Mr. Parmenter get CJD? Did Harry have it as well? Is this the beginning of an epidemic?

Toby believes everything is tied to Brant Hill. But when Toby is accused of abusing her Alzheimer-stricken mother and murdering another doctor, she must unravel the truth, before she is arrested or worse!

(Sep., 274 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith