Desperate to find a new wife, widower Edward Greyson marries the first woman he sees, a tavern wench. It isnt pity that makes Grey wed Jennifer Leigh Wilton, but the thought that the bedraggled girl will expect nothing from him.

But under all the dirt and grime lies a beautiful butterfly waiting to emerge, and once she does, Grey wonders if being drunk and trading his horse for her was the best or worst thing hes ever done.

Embittered by his wifes death, Grey does not want Jennifers love or understanding, but she wants to find a way to heal him and give him her love. She may not be high-born, but she is determined to become a fine lady and a credit to her husband.

Grey cannot ignore his beautiful bride, nor the desire she sparks within him. Try as he might to escape, he is caught in his own trap. Jennifer could save him, not only from murder accusations, but from his own despair.

Slightly reminiscent of Kathleen Woodiwiss colonial romances, THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS marks the beginning of a talented writers career. Readers will be captivated by sweet and spunky Jennifer and fall in love with the tormented Grey. What more can romance readers want than a pair of wonderful lovers and a passionate story that captures the heart? SENSUAL (Nov., 325 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin