A reckless car accident puts defense attorney Ethan Millner on the receiving end of the law. He is sentenced to 40 hours of community service with Sandy DeMarco and the Tolosa crime watch council.

Despite the stories she's heard about Ethan, Sandy makes up her own mind about people. On their first night patrolling, Ethan and Sandy discover a murdered body. When Sandy's teenage assistant is accused of the crime, she asks Ethan to take the case pro bono. Since the officer in charge is positive they have the killer, it's up to Ethan and Sandy to find the evidence to acquit her assistant.

The always terrific Graves returns to Tolosa, Texas, for this story of Sandy's chance at love and happiness. Besides filling this story with drama, emotion and passion, Graves also spins a taut web of suspense. (Nov., 326 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith