Bailee Boyd is an average working woman trying to achieve her dreams. But life gets more exciting when an e-mail message she receives that should be a hoax turns out to be real!

Alec Somner is a fire investigator who ends up with more than just a lead when Bailee enters his office. The woman has the only clue to the latest fire he's looking into and becomes the main target of the arsonist. Alec is determined to protect her, but the only way he can is to let her in on an ancient secret -- he's a dragon.

In the second book of the Immortal Secrets series, Taylor uses a lot of humor in her portrayal of two independent beings who battle bad guys while fighting their strong sexual attraction. With a heroine who has a quirky sense of humor and a hero with a thing for shape-shifting and bondage, this novel will heat up your night! (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Tonya Nagle