If you used just one word to describe MacAlister's magical heroine Aisling Grey, it would be "unsinkable." Book three in this delightful series pours on the romance big time and adds complications galore. Aisling's never-say-die attitude is mixed with a snarky humor
that gives this magical saga extra
zing. MacAlister's comic genius really shines through!

Moving to London to learn from her mentor, Nora Charles, is supposed to help demon lord/Guardian/ wyvern mate Aisling get her life under control. That plan is quickly shattered, however, when her estranged mate, Drake, shows up and Jim, her demon dog, manages to start a war with the imps.

Dragon politics can be dangerous and deadly, and since Aisling hasn't finished reading her manuals, her tendency to leap first keeps getting her in hot water. Also causing concern are the attempts on Aisling's life. The problem is sorting out who or what is behind the attacks and figuring out if they're part of a bigger master plan. All of Aisling's good intentions may not be able to save her this time. (Signet Eclipse, Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith