Image of Light Up the Night (The Night Stalkers)


Image of Light Up the Night (The Night Stalkers)

The Night Stalkers series just keeps getting better and better! Light Up the Night is the perfect blend of riveting, high-octane military action interspersed with tender, heartfelt moments. With a sigh-worthy scarred hero and a strong Irish redhead heroine, Buchman might just be at the top of the game in terms of relationship development. As usual, expert technical details abound, as do realistic military missions with superb imagery that will have readers feeling as if they are right there in the midst and on the edges of their seats. Beloved characters from previous books also make an appearance.

The moment that SOAR helicopter pilot Trisha O’Malley rescues undercover Navy SEAL Bill Bruce, tempers soar and passion flares between them. Bill isn’t sure what to think of the risk-taking pilot — and the fact that she piques his interest a little too much. Trish doesn’t know what to make of the scarred SEAL who possesses a tender side. Now that they’ve been assigned on the same team to recover pirates’ hostages, they’ll both get their chance to decide. (SOURCEBOOKS, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch