Two years ago, concert harpist Daphne Whittaker Duvallon dumped her philandering fianci Jack Ebert at the altar. Her parents havent forgiven her, yet her brother, Kingsbury Duvallon, and his fiancie, Corlis, have stood firmly by her side.

Now King and Corlis call Daphne with the date of their weddingwhich to her surprise is that very weekend in Natchez!

Staying at cousin Maddie Whittakers old mansion, the Bluff House, for the wedding, Daphne begins having strange dream-like trances about one of her ancestors. Meanwhile, her hormones are working overtime when she meets wildlife photographer Simon Chandler Hopkins. But when her ex-finaci arrives on the scene representing a large oil company, she knows trouble is brewing. The mysterious dreams plaguing Daphne will reveal an important connection between her and someone around her.

Ciji Wares books are unique tales that combine the past and present with true eloquence. Layers of story threads are expertly woven together giving readers a distinctive and unmatched reading experience. (May, 512 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith