Photojournalist Jacqueline "Jack" Murphy has a promise to fulfill. When her friend and partner, Ziggy Bartolli, is killed while saving her life, Jack promises to finish his long-delayed book of photos of the Maine coast, with one lighthouse in particular. Emotionally wounded and reeling from the pain and guilt associated with Ziggy's death, all Jack wants to do is be alone in the lighthouse and take pictures. Fate, however, has other ideas.

Nine years ago, after rescuing a dog that was hit by a car, the 21-year-old Jack met and fell in love with veterinarian Tom Brownlow. Tom and Jack were deeply in love, but a woman from Tom's past arrived to destroy their happiness. Laura was pregnant and Tom married her to protect his child. Five years ago, circumstances removed Laura from the scene, so Tom has been a single dad to little Lucy. Despite trying everything in his power, there is one thing Tom can't protect Lucy from…the fact that she is going blind. Wanting to build as many visual memories as possible, Tom has promised to take Lucy wherever she wants to go. Lucy has chosen a lighthouse mentioned in an unfinished story her mother once wrote.

When Tom unexpectedly turns up on the lighthouse doorstep, all Jack wants is for him to leave. Upon learning about Lucy's condition and the reason for the trip, Jack reluctantly offers them temporary shelter. It doesn't take long, however, for Lucy to worm her way into Jack's heart. Tom, Jack and Lucy are all wounded individuals; can they find a way to heal each other? Regrettably, secrets long kept threaten to break the ties that are forming.

Moving drama and rich characterizations are hallmarks of Kimberly Cates' work. Once again she blends deep emotional resonance with passion and love. (Nov., 343 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith