Since his wife and unborn child's deaths, Jesse Morgan has lived the reclusive life of a lightkeeper off the Washington Territory coast. Hidden away with his memories and pain, he has no desire for anyone's help or love.

Then a woman, the lone survivor of a shipwreck, is washed ashore and Jesse's life is irrevocably changed.

Mary Dare has her own secrets and burdens to bear. Fleeing the city, she stows away onboard a ship destined for disaster. Now, she must build a new life for herself and the child she carries, a life away from the horrors and the evil schemes of a man bent on stealing her child.

With Mary's welfare thrust upon his shoulders, Jesse can no longer hide. Along with the help of the townspeople and Mary, his interest in life begins to slowly rekindle. When Mary's past and his own collide, Jesse learns to help the woman and child he has come to love fight for the right to have a future free from pain, retribution and the nightmares of the past.

Filled with the warmth and tenderness of an Americana romance and yet centering on emotionally powerful themes, THE LIGHTKEEPER is a book only an author of Susan Wigg's talents could create. She brings her characters from the darkness of emotional turmoil into the light of love, winning readers' hearts. SWEET (Oct., 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin