Image of The Lightkeeper's Daughter (Mercy Falls Series #1)


Image of The Lightkeeper's Daughter (Mercy Falls Series #1)

A historical novel is a departure for Coble, but her trademark mix of mystery and romance remains and still delights. While parts are a bit slow, uncovering
the secrets surrounding Laura and
Julia will keep readers guessing
until the end.

Addie Sullivan grew up having to struggle for basic necessities. She's surprised to learn that she may be the lost daughter, presumed dead, of the wealthy Henry Eaton, whose wife, Laura, drowned more than 20 years ago. Addie accepts a job as a governess at Eaton Hall in hopes of uncovering her heritage. While it becomes more apparent that Addie may indeed be Julia Eaton, she'll need proof to convince Henry. Addie must trust Lt. John North, a man she's drawn to but uncertain of, to help her discover the truth. Suspicious circumstances surround Laura's disappearance, and the truth could place Addie in grave danger. (THOMAS NELSON, Jan., 320 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee