Image of Lightning Rod (Broken Mirrors)


Image of Lightning Rod (Broken Mirrors)

The second book in Demont’s series, this reads like Neil Gaiman, Richard Kadrey and Jim C. Hines got together and had a book baby. Full of nerd references, snappy dialogue, a totally irreverent master of Tartarus and more mythologies than you can count, this could almost be the perfect urban fantasy. A few small issues occur with pacing, and one character could die a lot sooner than he does, but overall, Lightning Rod is a fun romp chock full of geeky spins on urban fantasy tropes. Bring your D&D manual along for the ride.

James Black wasn’t always James Black. He was once Miles, abused by his boyfriend and about to die. But when he comes into his own as a Keth (a sorcerer), he enters a world of dragons, guardians, coyotes, hermit-like wizards who never leave their houses, pursuit by the Fates and a favor-trading Hades, as well as gaining the knowledge that he’s supposed to bring about the end of the world — so it can start over. (SAMHAIN, Dec., 312 pp., $16.00)
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Cyndy Aleo