KEY News entertainment reporter Caroline Enright travels from New York to the Berkshires in Massachusetts to review a theater festival. Famed actress Belinda Winthrop is appearing in a new play, and Caroline's college-age step-daughter, Meg, is taking part in the festival's apprenticeship program. Caroline's new husband, Nick, a screenwriter, meets her there, and together they attend the play and after-party.

When Belinda goes missing, Meg and Caroline join the search team, forming an uneasy alliance, since Meg resents her stepmother and is bitter about the death of her biological mother. As Caroline becomes further ensconced in the quest to find Belinda, she joins a team of investigative reporters who won't stop until they uncover the truth behind the actress's disappearance.

Mystery fills the pages as the author's succinct writing style leads readers on a white-knuckle ride. With a multitude of red herrings, this novel is a quintessential whodunit. (Jul., 352 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick