The last novel in the acclaimed Seven Brides series takes place 19 years after the first book, Rose. Zac Randolph, the youngest brother, is all grown up and the owner of the San Francisco saloon known as The Little Corner of Heaven.

Zac has a problem when Lily Sterling, a distant cousin, arrives at his door, running from an unacceptable marriage.

A preacher's daughter can only spell trouble. Zac does everything he can to avoid her, but she keeps ending up back at the saloon and underfoot.

Lily only wants to help Zac, but she just seems to get into more trouble. Men flock to sweet, beautiful Miss Lily and though Zac too is attracted to her, he has the misguided belief that he's unworthy. Lily sees through Zac's facade and falls in love with him.

Zac gets cornered into marrying Lily. Though the ceremony is performed, their marriage is never registered; Zac manages to keep Lily at arm's length for her own good. Finally he gives in to temptation and seeks Lily's comfort, ultimately realizing that he wants this marriage for real-with a big family wedding that includes the entire clan!

LILY is funny, cute, delightful and unforgettable. Readers will find it hard to say good-bye to the Randolph family who have been such a wonderful part of their lives for years-but the memories linger just as the wedding scene in LILY will. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager