Captured and imprisoned in France, Troy Sacheverell, fifth Earl of Ravenhurst, is yanked from his cell and, handed over to the depraved Black Widow, Camille, to become her stepdaughter Lillian's sex toy.

Lillian has learned to hide her feelings behind a facade of cold obedience. But it nearly kills her to place the hot iron on Troy's skin and brand him with a lily that marks him as her possession. When the opportunity arises, Lily sets Troy free and escapes to England, little suspecting they will meet again.

Troy directs his anger at Lillian, believing she was a willing participant in his humiliation and imprisonment. Boiling with rage over the prospect of his cousin marrying her, Troy compromises Lillian, forcing their marriage. He plans to make her pay, but the desire that pulses between them cannot be ignored; love overrules his hostility. When Camille comes to exact her revenge, only their love can save them.

Darkly sensual, intense, yet with a searing passion, this is a tale for those yearning for the alpha-male hero and the heated desire that springs up on the edge between love and hate. Schwab knows how to play into erotic romance lore and pulls all the right strings to stir readers' imaginations. She's a welcome new voice in the genre. VERY SENSUAL (Jul., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin