Image of Lily Fair (Sonnet Books)


Image of Lily Fair (Sonnet Books)

Niall of the Seven Betrayals fights hard to overcome his fathers legacy of treachery by becoming Conn the Ever-Trustfuls champion. His latest quest seems simple enoughretrieve Caitlin of the Lilies from the convent and return her home.

But when Niall learns he must kill the beautiful maiden and thus end the curse upon Conn, which predicted that she would destroy him, Niall is torn between duty and honor.

Niall tries to kill Caitlin but instead ends up owing her his life. He decides to hide her at his ancestral home. There he finds his family on the brink of starvation and his lands pillaged. Niall refuses to believe that his chief had any part in his familys destruction. Slowly, painfully, Niall comes to realize the extent of Conns betrayal.

Together the two outcasts fall in love and plot their escape. And just when they think they are free, Conn pulls them back into his web of lies and deceit. Now the lovers must face their greatest enemy and hope that love conquers all.

Once again Kimberly Cates triumphs! This book has it allromance, adventure, treachery, revenge and betrayal. The writing is powerful and emotional. Readers will be enthralled! SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin