The final installment in the Harwood House series is a gripping adventure yarn and a poignant, satisfying, against-all-odds romance. The authors breathe vibrant life into a lesser-known period of colonial history, presenting memorable, engaging characters — as well as their daily struggles, hopes and fears — with sparkling immediacy. The importance of God’s grace is deeply and beautifully woven into the narrative, never striking a false or intrusive note and allowing readers to see how faith sustained many of our forefathers (and mothers) in the face of overwhelming challenges and heartbreak.

Indentured to a farming family on the Pennsylvania frontier, Lily Harwood tends her dying mistress, Susan Waldon, and her children with tender care as Susan’s husband, John, fights in the French and Indian War. When John returns home, Lily struggles to hide her deep passion for him, a shameful secret only made worse by Susan’s trust and John’s heartfelt appreciation for Lily’s loyalty. As Lily, the Waldons and their tight-knit community of pioneering families face the approaching horrors of war and death, they must turn to each other, and to God, for the strength to endure. (BARBOUR, Jan., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin