Having left a less than optimal situation with the Los Angeles police, Det. Emma Frey is trying to rebuild her life and career in New Orleans. But Emma is frustrated by her assigned partner Det. Bobby Halloran's tendency to ignore and break rules at will.

Paired together on a burglary case, Emma learns Bobby has ties to the victim, party girl Chloe Mitsumi. Chloe's brother, Jacob, is serving a life term in Angola prison. Before he went to prison, Jacob shot and nearly killed Bobby. Conversely, Chloe's never been a part of her brother's criminal gang and hates everything about it.

That Chloe took off right after her apartment was trashed has Emma concerned about her safety. But, as Emma quickly learns, no one needs to protect Chloe—she is always one step ahead. However, someone may need to be watching over Bobby, who's teetering on the edge of losing control.

Fans of Michelle Albert's books have been waiting for the oh-so-sexy Bobby to have his own story. Good news—it's worth the wait! Bobby and Emma have real chemistry, and their love story manages to encompass the all-too-frequent danger of job burnout. (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith