Image of The Lincoln Deception (A Fraser and Cook Mystery)


Image of The Lincoln Deception (A Fraser and Cook Mystery)

Historian Stewart has written some great nonfiction, and his first attempt at fiction works quite well. It gives him an opportunity to explore some of the more provocative questions raised by Lincoln’s assassination. But what truly makes the story work is the main character, Dr. Jamie Fraser, and his relentless search for answers.

In 1900, Dr. Jamie Fraser’s patient, John Bingham, is on his deathbed. Bingham was the prosecutor of the traitors responsible for the assassination of President Lincoln, including Mary Surratt. He tells Fraser that Surratt revealed something to him before she was hanged that, if it were ever exposed, would destroy the U.S. Even as he dies, he can’t tell Fraser what he learned. Fraser works with Bingham’s family to organize the dead man’s papers and begins to read material from the time of the trial. Intrigued to find answers, Fraser begins a journey to discover what scared Bingham so badly. (KENSINGTON, Sep., 262 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers