Image of The Lincoln Myth: A Novel (Cotton Malone)


Image of The Lincoln Myth: A Novel (Cotton Malone)

The history that Berry weaves into his plot makes this latest Cotton Malone novel really shine. Fast-paced action and intriguing characters add up to a fascinating and suspenseful story. Tension boils over when veteran agent Malone is forced to work with a new upstart at the agency, and the new agent is not unlike Cotton’s younger self.

Cotton Malone is brought out of retirement when his former boss asks for help in a field operation. An undercover agent is in grave danger after his true identity is revealed. A series of long-kept secrets involving Brigham Young, the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln and the actions of several power-hungry, present-day politicians and Mormon elders, threaten the security of the United States. Cotton’s boss fears that the Constitution itself may be undermined. (BALLANTINE, May, 448 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett