The Forensics Instincts team has proved they work great under pressure, but this time, the clock is ticking on the life of a critically ill infant. As the team scrambles to find the only person who could save the child’s life, readers will perch on the edge of their seats. Kane unfolds a story that rapidly becomes more complicated before the climactic conclusion. A gripping read, a breathless investigation and a satisfying end — what more could a reader want?

Amanda Gleason’s newborn son is battling a rare immune deficiency. Justin’s best — and perhaps only — chance at survival lies with the father who was brutally murdered before Amanda even realized she was pregnant. Or was he? When a fellow photojournalist emails her a photo of a man who looks just like her late boyfriend, Amanda’s hopes are raised enough to send her to Forensic Instincts and beg them to search for a ghost. With a child’s life at stake, the team finds their hunt for a dead man is turning up a lot more than a man who wants to disappear. In fact, even with their incredible skills and technology, it’s almost like the man Amanda fell in love with never existed at all. Then, the team begins to uncover a web of deceit that spreads from the halls of Congress to the Hamptons, pursuing ruthless people who will do anything — including letting a child die — to keep from having their secret lives discovered. (MIRA, Jun., 400 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper