A fire alarm interrupts attorney Jill Nichols in her deposition of a CEO accused of fraud. She starts down the stairs of the office building as an explosion destroys the upper stories. Jill and a frightened teenager assist an injured old man, barely escaping before two more bombs go off. Many Newpointe firefighters are caught in the blasts, including Jill's husband, Dan. Rescuers dig frantically through wreckage to find survivors. Jill waits in heartrending suspense for word of Dan, while she tries to help the now-orphaned teen and the old man. Law officers join in the manhunt for what appears to be an inside job. Was it the CEO with plenty to hide, or is there someone else the authorities haven't considered? The unexpected clue lies in the mind of an angry, grieving teenager. Author Terri Blackstock returns to her bestselling Newpointe 911 series in LINE OF DUTY (4.5), a riveting tale with parallels to the September 11 tragedy. Blackstock weaves faith, tragedy and triumph into a moving thriller with a bittersweet conclusion. (Oct., 378 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson