Continuing the Grahams' epic saga, this fifth volume paints a sweeping, larger-than-life portrait of Robert the Bruce and life in the 14th century, as Scot Jamie Graham reclaims Hamstead Heath from the English.

Fearing for her brother's life and the king's wrath, Christina, Hamstead's chatelaine, plots to roust the Scots. When her plan fails, she begs Jamie to take her hostage. Though he has no need for one, and Christina is more trouble than she is worth, he is intrigued by the feisty English lady and wonders at her true purpose. Bringing her into the Bruce's camp places them all in a unique situation.

Strong, biting repartee; a ready-made conflict; memorable characters; lush, rich historical backdrops and boiling sexual tension overflow in the pages of this sumptuous romance. Though there are moments when the history overshadows the love story, no one who adores Scottish culture and lore will be disappointed. As always, Ms. Drake brings every aspect of a story to life and brings readers straight into the lives of her characters, real and fictitious. SENSUAL (Jan., 552 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin