Image of Lion Heart (Avon Romantic Treasure)


Image of Lion Heart (Avon Romantic Treasure)

Elizabet, the bastard daughter of an impoverished English lord, is on her way to her cousin, Piers de Montgomerie, in Scotland, when she encounters the giant blond man in the forest. Broc is smitten from the moment he first spies Elizabet.

When her life is threatened by a mysterious bowman, he takes her captive. Intrigued by the gentle giant and captivated by his charm and good looks, Elizabet falls in love with her tender captor.

When Broc discovers the English bowman killed Elizabets brother but claimed they were attacked by a giant, blond Scots-man, Broc knows it will not be long before Montgomerie discovers he has Elizabet. Despairing of causing trouble and fearing for Elizabets life, Broc is consumed with guilt and indecision.

Pledging their troth in the old Scottish tradition, Elizabet and Broc discover how precious true love is, yet their time together is all too short. Faced with the possibility of losing her, Broc realizes he must convince her of his innocence.

LION HEART is brimming with characters from Ms. Crosbys previous Scottish medieval as the threads of the story are woven amongst the three families and friends. Readers new to the series may find the cast of characters to be confusing. Several scenes seem chopped and cut short as though pieces of the story are missing and the ending is far too rushed. Compared to Ms. Crosbys other wonderful tales, this book lacks depth and has no real sense of time and place. This reader is also disappointed in the shallowness of plot development between the hero and heroine. SENSUAL (Jul., 342 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor