Ransom (Ran) Montgomery is a pirate in search of his enslaved crew. In the heat of battle he saves the lives of a Scots woman, Aurora Lassiter, and her Japanese protector, Shokai.

Although he desires her, Ran vows to uphold his honor and never chance having children outside marriage, like his father. Aurora is a white witch and healer. Barred from her homeland, she is on a quest to find her father.

Though Ran sends her away he finds Aurora invading his dreams. When Aurora is captured by Sheik Rahman ibn il Abdull, Rans half brother, Ran bargains for her, promising to make her his woman.

When Shokai is mortally wounded, Aurora heals him, much to the astonishment of Rans superstitious crew. Fate throws her into Rans arms again and again as she is captured then rescued by him. Aurora is targeted for death, and to keep her safe Ran brings her to his stronghold. But death and danger follows them to his sanctuary.

LION HEART is a sensuous novel with high sea adventure, mystical content and torrid love scenes. Heavy with Scottish dialogue, some readers may become bogged down, though the action certainly keep the plot moving. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer