Second in the engaging Lion trilogy, LION OF THE NORTH is a scintillating story of old love rekindled and new treachery unleashed.

Recently-widowed, Elspeth Carmichael Munro is traveling to the Highlands to claim her lands. Few know the horrors Elspeth suffered while married to her abusive husband or how desperately she longs for the freedom her new home will bring. She has no idea that her inheritance has already been claimed by Lucais Sutherland.

Lucais has never forgotten the beautiful woman who scorned him in favor of another. When Elspeth trespasses upon his land he takes her captive, believing she is part of the Munro's plot against the Sutherlands.

Elspeth is not a shy woman, and her temper flares at being made Lucais' "guest" in what should be her own tower. Yet long-unfulfilled passion explodes as their tempers set off sparks, and when Elspeth is endangered, Lucais sees that the only way to save her is to wed her.

Hostility, treachery and betrayal war with the searing love that grows between Elspeth and Lucais as they strive to find a way to bring peace to a wild land.

LION OF THE NORTH is a highly satisfying read, a medieval romance that captures the spirit of the era. Suzanne Barclay fans will want this "not to be missed" volume on their shelves. SENSUAL (June, 400 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin