Lani Kimmel volunteers for a Texas fire department. She shimmies into caves and brings up survivors or victims of caving accidents. This time, instead of finding her target, a teenage boy, she finds a mountain lion.

Sheriff Rafael Chavez hates tight spaces, but follows after Lani on her latest mission. If only he could break through her wall of restraint as easily. Passion-filled nights are not enough for Rafe. He wants more.

What happens in the cave draws Lani and Rafe closer together, but they are confused by their night dreams of the lion. Rafe's dream borders more on terror and murder, whereas Lani's is full of eroticism—the lion morphs into a Native American warrior and ravages her body. But upon awakening, she finds only Rafe in her bed.

This tale is a bit hard to believe in some spots, but Rafe's love for Lani wins it some bonus points. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith