Image of The Lionhearted Cowboy Returns


Image of The Lionhearted Cowboy Returns
THE LIONHEARTED COWBOY RETURNS (3) by Patricia Thayer: Returning home after 10 years of military service and the loss of his leg is bittersweet for Jeff Gentry. While he was gone, the woman he loved married his best friend and had a family. Now a widow, Lacey Haynes Guthrie is in danger of losing her ranch, but Jeff is determined to help her save it. Lacey isn’t inclined to accept Jeff’s help, but has little choice. Coming to terms with what they’ve lost isn’t easy, but lingering feelings on both sides force them to try. A strong plot and conflict can’t compensate for underdeveloped characters who lack any kind of spark between them.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer