Fleeing her cruel master, Thea finds refuge with renegade crusader and Knight Templer, Lord Ware. Hunted by the very men he once called friends and teachers, Ware is a mercenary with a loyal band of knights.

Ware brings Thea to his fortress, Dundragon, until she is well enough to leave for Damascus. Much against his will, Ware becomes enchanted by the sharp-tongued, golden-haired Thea and she feels safe knowing Ware will rescue her sister. Thea dreams they will open a shop as silk weavers and free women.

But, Thea does not know that Ware is haunted by a dark secret and marked for assassination. When she embroiders a blazing lion throne upon his banner she marks herself for death as well.

From the shelter of Dundragon to a silken harem and then into the very battle of Acre between the Crusaders and Saladin, Thea and Ware fight their pride, their passion and their enemy to find a lasting peace.

Superb storyteller Iris Johanson blends rich, vibrant threads of mystery, desire, adventure and history into an embroidered tapestry that will enthrall and captivate readers. Against a unique backdrop she gives life to an unforgettable pair of lovers, bringing their story to blazing glory. SENSUAL (Feb., 420 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin