Rowena MacBean is devastated when Lion Sutherland deserts her and she is left pregnant with his child. When Padruig Gunn offers to wed her and accept the child as his heir, Rowena is left with no other choice.

Six years later, Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, has Padruig killed for refusing to join with his forces against the Crown. Rowena journeys to Blantrye Castle to plead her son's case as Chief of Clan Gunn before Padruig's brother, Eneas, steals her son's inheritance. She unknowingly walks into the Lion's den.

Destiny will not be denied-thus, Lion and Rowena meet once again. She discovers his true reason for leaving her in the past, and though it breaks her heart, she fears "the Lion" can never be hers. Bound by an oath made to Padruig, Rowena knows that their chances of a life together are doomed.

Playing a game of cat and mouse with the Earl, Lion will do anything to save Scotland and his lady. He wants Rowena as his wife and woe-betide anyone who stands in his way.

Ms. Barclay begins a new Scottish trilogy with LION'S LADY; a fiery and passionate tale of loyalty, honor and a love that will not be denied. SENSUAL. (May, 325 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Liz Cox